Burners safety

You may have been scrolling through your Facebook, with a brew in your hand and there it is! A picture of a burner that caught on fire, singed windowsills and possibly physical injuries. This is something nobody wants to deal with and there are certainly ways to minimise the risk :

So let's start!

1 All your burners will come with labels and instructions on safe use at the bottom, a good common practice is to read, take on board and follow the instructions for use.

2 Burner get HOT, they need to be warm enough to melt the wax in their well and release the scent. For this reason, burners should be placed on a heat-resistant surface. Glass reflects heat, and it will amplify the heat emitted by the burner, possibly causing this to exceed a safe temperature.

3 Burners need ventilation: make sure the opening of your burner is not facing the wall, especially not less than 10 cm from a wall. A burner too close to a wall, brings the risk of overheating due to poor ventilation.

4 Use one unscented tea light unless the burner specifically indicates that it is suitable for multiple tea lights use. Use tea lights that are 4 hours or less, 8 hours tea lights can get the burner way too hot to handle, and so can multiple tea lights on burners not designed for it. Most burners will indicate a use time too, generally, it is suggested to use for up to 4 hours and let it cool completely before using again.

5 Do not overfill your burner well. Start small and add more wax gradually if you feel the need to. Two love hearts or two squares of a snapbar will easily scent your room for hours. A little goes a long way, and it will avoid overspilling of hot wax, which may fall onto the open flame and ignite.

6 It can happen that some burner will be defective, have hairline cracks, and this will show as wax seeping through from the sides of the burner, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. If your burner has hairline cracks do not use this, as the integrity has been compromised and it may not respond as well to heat. It is time for a new burner.

7 Do not have your burner near draughts, front doors, open windows, it is an open flame afterall, if it can be moved by wind it can reach nearby furnishing or furniture.

Never leave an open flame unattended, if you need to leave then put it off. It will still be there waiting for you when you come back.

8 With proper care, it is extremely unlikely you will be in the position of having to put out a burner fire, however if you ever see your burner catching alight, never try to pick it up or pour liquids on it.

If you pour cold liquid on a fire, it will most likely cause the hot burner to explode and the wax to spray everywhere. This is the last thing you want, boiling hot wax on yourself.

Instead, pour baking soda abundantly on the fire to smother it, or use an appropriate fire extinguisher.

9 On a lighter note, we personally have burners on every waking hour, in order to test all our scents, and following the above suggestions, none has ever caught alight. Following the safety measures for use will minimise the chances of accidents, even if you think it may not be a big deal, please be careful with open flames, so you can keep enjoying beautiful scents permeating your home in all safety.

Happy melting

The Rose Cottage Wax

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