Cashback monthly: are you in it?

We all like receiving a gift, and if you are here, you probably are a bit of a wax addict like us and wait for the delivery of your scented delights with trepidancy.

We are about to make it better!

Although we cannot avoid delays in transit that seem to be so common nowadays, we can refund your whole purchase price.

Yes, that is right.

Every last day of the month we randomly select one order out of the orders placed during the month, and they receive back their whole purchase and postage paid.

We love all the support we have received to help us grow, and we want to give back to one of you every month!

Because, afterall, amazing products are even better when they are free!

Only 3 days left to enter February cashback, and find out if you are the winner!

As always, happy melting.

The Rose Cottage Wax

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