Some news!

First of all, join me in congratulating the winner of our February cashback : well done Samantha!

Secondly, we have some news. Have you seen our newly released scents: the wonderfully warming Frankincense and Myrrh and the super crisp Rose Wonderland.

We have also brought back our Clean Cotton scent, and it is flying out!

A new scent will be released tonight at 7 pm too,so keep your eyes peeled for this sweet delight.

Our scented salts are also getting a makeover, they will be coming in sealed bags,which can be resealed and stood up or layer flat,for your ease of storage.

Lastly, our room sprays: unfortunately our beautiful glass bottles do present some leakage during transit, so we are changing to PET bottles to avoid disappointment, and the price will go down accordingly.

We know some of you love the glass bottles , and if you are a fan of the classy look, you will be pleased to know we will be selling the glass bottles individually ( and empty) too.

P.S If you have placed an order this week,up to last night, your order has been despatched. We know there have been some problems with the tracking updating,however it all seems resolved now and the orders have been received within the expected timeline.

This is all for now , and as usual Happy Melting!

The Rose Cottage Wax

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